Alexandra Weinberger
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Alexandra lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. She has been a doula for over six years and is a Certified Labour Doula and a Certified Postpartum&Infant Care Doula. She also travels extensively as a Certified Doula Trainer for ProDoula. Her favourite part of the job is postpartum doula support. Her passion for postpartum support is evident to both the doulas she trains and the families she works with. Whether she is teaching new doulas how to soothe a fussy baby, or guiding parents through their baby's first bath at home, Alex is without a doubt, a baby whisperer. Alex is also an owner of Toronto Family Doulas, Hamilton Family Doulas, and now Ottawa Family Doula. She is eager to provide judgement-free, professional doulas to the families of the Ottawa Gatineau area



Meaghan Grant
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Meaghan is a mother of two who lives with her boys in Pickering, Ontario. A doula for over three years, Meaghan strives to ensure that families feel supported in all of their birthing and parenting choices. All too aware of the 'sting' and judgement that comes along with having children in the 21st century, she knows how important it is to be the only person without an opinion. Meaghan has a passion for collaborative care. She believes that families are supported best when doulas and medical teams work together. Her special baby gift is giving baths. No tears when she does it!

Meghan Bowser-Taylor
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A certified doula for eight years and a certified childbirth educator for two years, Meghan brings passion and knowledge to the Family Doulas of Ottawa team. Her passion for supporting families during the transition of birth and parenting was born after attending the birth of a friend's son. She fell into the role of support and coach naturally.

As a mother of two, Meghan knows all about the newborn stage. She remembers the sleepless nights, the challenges, and the intense joys of being a new parents. She brings that awareness and compassion with her to every postpartum family, showing them ways to adjust to life with a new baby in the home. She is currently working towards completing her Postpartum & Infant Care Doula certification.

Meghan's commitment to professional and judgement-free support has led her to further her doula education by training with ProDoula. She believes that all birth and parenting choices should be respected and supported. This fervent belief is why she is also adding to her qualifications by certifying as a Labour Doula with ProDoula.

When Meghan is not busy serving the families of Ottawa and Gatineau, she loves to spend time on and in the water, swimming and paddle boarding. She loves to travel and her dream is take her children travelling all over the world to show all them all of the amazing places she has been to.