You find out you’re having a baby. You go to your appointments. You read the books and take birth classes. You want to have your baby, your way. Your pregnancy is special to you and you want to have a birth that reflects that uniqueness.

Your baby's birth day is a day that you will never forget and will always talk about. Our doulas will guide you through the process of planning and giving birth. With their extensive knowledge of local policies and resources, as well as comfort measures and connection with you, we know that together you and your team can create the special memories you are longing for.

Let Family Doulas of Ottawa help you put the pieces together to tailor your birth experience so it is as unique as you.

Personalized support and custom care are only the beginning. When you hire Family Doulas of Ottawa, you are bringing on a professional who knows that your choices are what make you, YOU.

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  • Meet our doulas, engage their services and learn about the support they can offer.

  • Connect with them in your home through prenatal meetings so that they may best understand the emotional, physical and educational support that you and your partner need.

  • Your doulas will be available by phone or email during pregnancy, right up until you are ready for her to join you on the day of birth.

  • Your doula will remain with you for one to two hours after the birth of your baby to help ensure everyone is settled.

  • Enjoy a postpartum follow up visit with your doulas at home, a few days after birth!

Let’s take the next step.