At Ottawa Family Doula, we hear it all the time. Worrying.

"I'm worried that...

I will have a miscarriage. 

I don't have any morning sickness anymore. 

my belly isn't round and I don't know if it's normal. 

I have pretty severe heartburn and I'm not eating well. 

my ultrasound will show something wrong.. 

I won't know when I'm actually in labour. 

I'll poop when I'm in labour!

breastfeeding will be hard and hurt.

sex will be unpleasant with my changing body.

people will judge me for my parenting choices." 

The endless worrying of a mother often begins well before conception. Unfortunately, I don't think you ever stop worrying. A piece of your heart walks freely and will be hurt or scared or teased in life. I tell my clients that worrying is a good thing. You already know what to do as a parent, and thinking about how you can make your baby's life wonderful has begun.

Yes, you might poop in labour. But I assure you that you will know when labour is happening just like you do when you know you have to poop.  You might not be eating as well as you should but you are doing the best you can for your baby and body. Breastfeeding support is available, and so is reassurance that you are doing a good job feeding your baby in whatever way works for your family.

And your worry is normal.

My role as a doula is to be the expert in normal. If there is a concern that is beyond my scope I am confident I can find resources to answer questions you have. A doula is an unbiased, nonjudgmental support for all the worry and inquires you might have as you embark on your own journey in pregnancy and parenthood.    Like having a professional best friend and coach for your team all in one! Someone with whom you can ask all the questions, even about poop and sex.

So worry not, you are already parenting your baby and you are doing an amazing job.