Early Pregnancy

When you are actively trying to get pregnant you are likely anxiously awaiting your next period (or rather, lack of period). Who knew the wait between doing the deed and finding out if you're expecting would be so long??!

Early signs of pregnancy can be nausea, sore or tender breasts, an increased sense of smell, cramping (just to be confusing for you) and even spotting or light bleeding.

Of course, the only way to really know if you are pregnant is to have a positive pregnancy test.  You can use any type of test, from ones purchased at the Dollar Store to more expensive name brands, or even strips with no casing bought in bulk online (yep, that's a thing!). Positive test results can come earlier than the first day of your expected period and generally speaking, if you see a positive, it's a positive! False positives can happen but only rarely. If you see that your test is positive then you are pregnant!

Once you've gotten over the initial elation and shock you can start sharing the news to whoever you like, whenever you like. For some women that means only telling their partner. Others tell their close friends and family and wait to share the news once the first trimester comes to a close and the risk of miscarriage lowers. If you have an early ultrasound and see a strong heart beat then you can go forward knowing that the chance of miscarriage is low.  Some women share right away, because even in the case of loss, they want support from the people in their life.

If anyone asks if you're pregnant and you're not ready to answer, simply let them know you'll share if it's time to share.

Of course, you can also start thinking about lining up your care team including checking out obstetrician references, calling midwifery practices for openings, and meeting your doula to have someone as your support in pregnancy and on to birth.

It doesn't always happen right away, despite the sex-ed warnings you received before TTC. You may have to wait another month - a healthy woman in her mid-twenties has only a 1-in-4 chance of getting pregnant each month. 

Fatigue and nausea are the hardest early pregnancy symptoms to deal with. Try to rest, try to eat, and stay in touch with your care provider and family. Let your house get a little messier than normal and don't feel guilty about take out dinners. Take time to do what your body needs.

So go ahead and pee on the stick and Google your early symptoms to see if maybe you're pregnant. Celebrate your body and what it can do and how it will change.

Take a few pictures before the bump shows, you'll look back and see the shining eyes of a very exciting time in your life.

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