Spin Class

I walked in with trepidation. Not sure of what to expect and whether I was prepared, I took a seat on a stationary bike, strapped my feet in, and hoped for the best.

My friend who was supposed to join me couldn't make it but I wanted to try out Spin and Weights so here I was. The music on, the lights low, the class instructor ready to guide the group for an hour. To be honest, I don't like biking, but I couldn't leave now so I peddled.

The instructor was a guide for helping us challenge ourselves in three-minute sets that got progressively more intense. She cheered, she made jokes, and made it seem possible to complete the set.

Counting down the set, 10, 9, 8, 7, OH YEAH, 6, 5, 4, YOU CAN DO THREE MORE, 2, 1, it hit me. Spin class and child birth were very similar. A new challenge coming every few minutes, each one a little harder.

Every time I head my inner voice say "No, I can't do it." I pushed through, made it to the end and the chance to recuperate.  I was sweaty and wobbly-legged when we made it to the hardest set at the end, and I was proud to see that I survived with determination and the belief that I could, actually, do it.  I did it! I was so proud of myself and my body.

I left feeling wonderful.  But let's not rush into asking if I'll be doing it again until I forget about the pain from the class I just did!