When people think about heading out of the city to go camping they imagine the city lights fading and the serenity of the outdoors. Peace and tranquility. Filling up your cup and refreshing your soul.  

Then night falls, and instead of that quiet you hear bullfrog choruses, thunder, and the roar of the campsite two sites down where everyone has refilled their red plastic cup a few too many times.

Much like camping, having a newborn is portrayed as blissful and peaceful.  A new family comes together to coo over the darling baby who sleeps serenely in their arms.

The reality is often different. 

Instead of having a quiet baby your newborn is constantly crying and you aren't sure what to do. Instead of feeling confident you are questioning if parenthood is really for you. Just as you do when you're camping, you think that maybe things would be better if you could just go back to the idea rather than the reality. 

Luckily, your experience is normal. Having unwavering support can help new parents as they transition into their new roles and help them feel confident. A doula can help you catch a nap. You can have a meal and enjoy spending time with your partner knowing that Ottawa Family Doula is there in the postpartum period to give you personalized support as you understand your baby's needs.

A doula is like going camping with an experienced outdoors-man (or, in this case, woman) who wants you to feel confident enough to do it again. Maybe to even enjoy it, with the faults and all.

And soon when you are ready your family can venture out together to the campground and create your own unique memories under the stars with confidence.  For more camping with baby ideas, check us out on Pinterest and take a look at the board "Get Outside!"

This post is part of a series that explore the idea and the reality of life and parenting.

Camping with my daughter

Camping with my daughter