Stay At Home Mom With Help

Choosing to hire help does not make you weak. It shouldn't cause you guilt to pay someone to do something to help you. But it does. A lot.

I have had numerous conversations with other women this week who are whispering about asking for help.

Stay at home moms. Working moms. Women on maternity leave. Mothers living with chronic diseases.

Letting the bar drop a little so that they can spend time with their children playing rather than making Pinterest-worthy teacher gifts and end-of-year snacks. Getting on top of their laundry. Having a clean house and also having happy children.

I don't know when mothers - families - were told they had to do it all by themselves. But often there are families without a support system in place doing just that. 

Many women I know have had children a little later in life, and that means aging parents and toddlers all asking for attention and time.

And these families also feel the need to have Houzz living rooms and DIY reclaimed furniture in it.

It's a crazy thing that I honestly came to a realization that I live in my house with my children.

I was so fed up with cleaning, and tidying, and keeping up with everything to do with keeping a house.

Then one day it hit me, literally, that we live here. And life is messy.

And that it's okay to have shoes everywhere and a front room that looks like I run a home day care (though I don't). It was that day that I decided I'd hire a cleaning company to come to my home and take care of mopping floors so I could enjoy living my messy life and stop feeling overwhelmed by it. 

I also send my kids to preschool just so I can have some time to shop by myself. Financially it doesn't necessarily make sense, but it is a service I think is worth the investment.

There shouldn't be guilt in having your children cared for by another person.

My children still color on the floor and help to wash the windows with dish soap, but they also are learning that I ask for help so that I can focus on them and myself.

I hope that they can ask for help too, without feeling guilty about it.