Wait and wait and wait

Near the end of your pregnancy the number one question that you encounter is "Have you had the baby yet?"  Hopeful first time mothers and seasoned moms of more know the waiting game is hard. Not knowing the day can be stressful for planners or anyone who needs to make arrangements for pets or older siblings.

A scheduled birthday due to induction or planned cesarean section.can be moved or delayed, and can be disheartening and disappointing when you thought it was a planned birth day for so long. 

In honour of those who have to wait, here is top 10 list of ideas to pass those long hours, days or weeks.

Ten Ways to Pass the Time While Waiting For Your Baby to Arrive

1. Make a family tree and save a copy for your baby to cherish. Go back as far as you can, and write in fun facts remembered by family members of those your new baby may not get to know.  

2. Meal prep! Having a freezer full of hearty food and healthy snacks can make your first few days at home with a newborn easier and more satisfying. Muffins, lasagna, soups, and  Lactation cookies are great to have on hand. Check out Ottawa Family Doula on Pinterest for ideas!

3. Write and mail thank you cards for the shower gifts you received. You think you might have time after, but you might have your hands full (literally!) and you look extra organized. 

4. Make a birthday cake! In early labour I made cupcakes for my older boys to share on their sister's birth day. 

5. Go out for dinner with your partner. You might not have enough space to eat a four course meal, but take your time, enjoy a romantic night out in a kid-free restaurant. You'll soon know the great kids meal places, so enjoy something fancy even if you still only fit in stretchy yoga pants at 41 weeks pregnant :)  

6. Go for a pedicure or massage. Have them focus on your ankles and feet to alleviate swelling and feel great. Even if you can't see your toes anymore! 

7. Go for a swim. Letting your body float in water relieves pressure and feels great. If you're not comfortable in a family swim, look for preschool swim. Lots of moms with small kids there who will remember how it feels to float with a belly. 

8. Grab some gelato! Stella Luna Gelato Cafe is said to have some labour-inducing gelato and even if it doesn't work (it didn't for me!) you still get to enjoy shopping locally and tasting some great award-winning gelato! 

9. Reorganize your kitchen or paint some baseboards.  What better time than the present? Nesting can look funny but can also keep you busy! Of course, listen to your body and take it easy if something doesn't feel right. 

10. Go for a walk. Hold hands with a loved one and watch a sunset together. Feeling connected can make that waiting time into a cherished memory of time spent together before the next big chapter of life begins.

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