Lately, there has been a lot of parenting judges on the Internet, ruling that parents all over are doing a shitty job.

Some judges are harsh and direct and deliberate, telling parents that they are the worst because they let their child out of their eyesight for one split second and a disaster occurred. Other judges are sneaky, in the form of news articles informing parents that they're not giving their kids the optimum sleep for well-being or are likely over-feeding them sugar thanks to all those nut-free dairy-free sandwiches they offer for school lunch.

My job as a doula is to be supportive. To nurture parents into parenthood with confidence that they find in themselves.  As a parent myself, it is hard to sometimes look past the judging that is going on in my Facebook news feed and the nightly news.  I don't subscribe to perfect parenting. I think we are all doing our best for our children and it's not an easy job that is made harder by feeling judged for whatever choice we make.

You do what you can with love in your heart for those little people you created.

You do your job to keep them safe and healthy and happy. And sometimes life throws you into a situation that sucks. Fortunately most of us don't have to have parenting judgement thrown all over the Internet.

I am tired of the judges.  I hope to see more stories of hope and helping and caring.  In your Facebook fill up other parents with the good. Share your happy parenting moments. Talk about what brings you joy. I think we all need to read more stories that are judgement free and full of the fun that comes along with raising children. Be kind to yourself, and to others. It is kindness that can bring kindness back to our lives.

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